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NKMY specialized in BAGS Over 12 years. Good quality, perfect service and super fair price are our principle! Customer designs are welcome! Both OEM&ODM are available!
At NKMY, we believe in providing our customers with promotional products that are on-trend, of quality, and that serve a purpose all at the right price. With kinds of items on our award-winning website, we’ve developed an intuitive search system to help our customers find the promotional marketing items they need fast. Our industry experts are also available for branding ideas to complement your business. 

NKMY has grown from a college dorm room custom bags&apparel&clock shop to a thriving company with more than 100 employees. Passion drives us to help professionals find promotional products that they love. We’ve helped thousands of companies market their brand’s business by selecting the best products and apparel because...   
1, We care
We care about each other, our customers, and our suppliers. We’re invested in what each one is trying to achieve.  
2. We Do What's Right   
We’re guided by the principles of honesty and openness and take ownership of successes and failures.  
3. Details Matter
We constantly strive to achieve perfection in everything we do because details matter.  
4. We're Passionate   
We’re driven by a genuine enthusiasm for what we do and who we work with.  
5. We Embrace Change   
We don’t shy away from change, we encourage it. It’s how we get better and help our clients continually stand out.  
6. We Appreciate Our Customers



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